The protection of a person’s personal assets and avoidance of financial disaster is what makes Medicaid planning necessary and rewarding. Delaying a conference about Medicaid planning can cost you or your loved one tens of thousands of dollars in expenses that may be covered if you appropriately plan for Medicaid coverage.

There is no reason to delay scheduling a conference with the Rooth and Rooth Elder Law attorneys to discuss the importance of proper Medicaid planning. Avoid the pitfalls of non-legal services advertising Medicaid planning, as these legal representatives may be practicing law while unlicensed or attempt to sell you an unnecessary annuity.

Rooth and Rooth Elder Law attorneys have one goal in mind: to provide you with the best Medicaid plan to preserve your personal assets while gaining the maximum benefits available through Medicaid. Medicaid planning includes a review of your real estate, finances, life insurance, and income. When your income is too great, you may need to set up and administer a Qualified Income Trust.

Why is the Medicaid planning conference so important?

Listening to a family discuss how paying for their mother’s or father’s nursing home has financially ruined their future is disheartening, as this situation is preventable. No child or family member should ever pay the sole expense of a nursing home if their loved one has run out of money and is unable to cover the cost of the nursing home facility. Proper Medicaid planning is designed to assist your mother or father in qualifying for Medicaid benefits.

Applying for Medicaid benefits is not as simple as completing a form and applying. Medicaid has strict rules in place to prevent people from simply giving their money away, and proper Medicaid planning focuses on working within those rules to preserve your finances and help you qualify for the Medicaid benefits. Poor Medicaid planning can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and months or years of delayed Medicaid benefits.

Eligibility for Medicaid

Whether your loved one needs Medicaid benefits quickly or you need guidance to avoid delaying future benefits, a Medicaid planning conference with the Rooth and Rooth Elder Law attorneys ensures you are taking the proper steps but also addresses any legal matters, such as a qualified income trust or petitions for spousal benefits, when the need arises.

As you begin the Medicaid planning process, we continue to be available for questions and guidance as we implement the plan. Once the Medicaid benefits are approved, we remain committed to assisting our clients and answering questions you may have. As Elder Law attorneys, our service doesn’t end when you leave our office; we stand with you through this difficult transition.

Medicaid planning can take weeks to complete. Contact us today to schedule your Medicaid planning conference and rest assured knowing the trusted attorneys at Rooth and Rooth are advising you.