Hiring an experienced probate and trust administration attorney can keep the process going smoothly and facilitate the distribution of estate assets. The probate and trust administration attorneys at Rooth & Rooth Elder Law have more than 50 years of combined dedication to caring for the legal needs of our Pinellas County, Florida community and their families. Our clients trust our practical, experienced, and personalized approach.

Probate Administration

You’ve likely heard that the probate process can be long and complex, but may not know what it actually entails. Probate is a legal process required to transfer ownership of assets that are in the decedent’s name alone and includes: identifying estate assets, determining creditors or potential creditors, transferring or selling real estate, and disbursing assets to beneficiaries set forth in the decedent’s will.

There are two court processes for Probate Administration. One is referred to as a Summary Administration and the other is a Full Probate Administration. An experienced Florida probate attorney should assist you in determining the appropriate probate administration to avoid delays and court filing errors. Our probate attorneys are experienced in preparing and filing the required court documents, and assisting families in navigating the probate administration process.

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is the legal process of abiding by the terms and conditions established by a trust document. Trust administration in some aspects is similar to probate as it provides the legal mechanism to distribute assets to beneficiaries. In fact, in some trust administration matters a probate proceeding is also needed. Legal procedures must be followed for proper Florida trust administration.

In order to require trust administration there must be a trust established by the decedent. The trust appoints a trustee to manage the needs of the trust and often times the trustee will retain the services of a trust administration attorney following the death of the grantor of the trust. Trust administration should be handled by an experienced Florida probate and trust administration attorney. Our trust administration attorneys are keenly aware of the legal requirements and steps of trust administration.

At Rooth & Rooth Elder Law Attorneys, our practice is dedicated to the unique legal concerns of older Americans and their families. If you’re daunted by the complexity of long-term health care, estate planning, and probate or trust administration, consider us a trusted resource to support you and your loved ones during this sometimes challenging phase of life.