Veterans of the United States military and their spouses who are eligible for VA pensions have additional benefits which help offset the cost if they need assistance eating, bathing, dressing or taking care of their needs. This benefit helps the veteran or their spouse offset the cost of hiring the attendant to help them. The benefit available through the Veterans Administration is known as Aid and Attendance.

Not all veterans meet the eligibility requirements to receive the benefits of Aid and Attendance. As attorneys, we assist clients to meet those eligibility requirements while remaining compliant with the rules and regulations of the program. Not all clients meet the eligibility requirements to receive Aid and Attendance, and in some circumstances we may be unable to help you meet the eligibility requirements. If that occurs, it is important to reevaluate the situation and follow up on any changes that could affect your eligibility for Aid and Attendance benefits.

Working within the framework of the Veterans Administration and the rules of Aid and Attendance program, it is critical to consult an attorney before making any financial decisions that may disqualify you from these benefits. From giving your house to a family member to making substantial cash gifts to loved ones, these gestures of love are also gestures which under proposed rule changes may disqualify you not only from Aid and Attendance benefits, but also from Medicaid benefits. If you are considering Aid and Attendance benefits, the importance of consulting an attorney prior to making a decision that impacts your assets and finances cannot be underestimated. One transaction violating the guidelines can disqualify your loved one from these fantastic benefits provided through the VA.

The eligibility requirements for Aid and Attendance may be changing under the proposal of new rules. Let us help you qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits by working within the rules of the program. Call 727-397-4768 to schedule your appointment today.