Estate Planning and Health Fair Collide in Largo

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10th Feb 2017

Attorney Susan A. Rooth attended the St. Jerome’s Catholic Church Health Fair in Largo, Florida on Friday, February 10th. Mrs. Rooth took time to answer estate planning questions from the health fair participants concerning Wills, Trusts and Advanced Directives.

Mrs. Rooth met many wonder people and used her time to explain the importance of an up to date Durable Power of Attorney that complies with the current Florida law. She explained the importance of having a Durable Power of Attorney that is properly drafted, executed, and complies with the law that changed on October 1, 2011. Mrs. Rooth provided her elder law insight on why the Special Powers under the new law must be INITIALLED.

In addition, Mrs. Rooth provided additional information regarding the benefits that are available to pay for long term care in a nursing home or assisted living, including: Medicaid and VA Benefits.

Mrs. Rooth is humbled to have participated in the St. Jerome’s Catholic Church Health Fair and specifically thanks the staff and volunteers who coordinated the event.

How do I contact estate planning attorney Susan Rooth?

Elder law attorney Susan Rooth has her office in Seminole, Florida. To schedule an appointment to meet with Mrs. Rooth, call 727-397-4768. Our attorneys are available to review your legal documents or to help you establish your estate plan. To best plan for your estate planning conference we recommend you write down any question you may have. We want to answer your questions so you can rest easy knowing your plan is in place if your life changes course.

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