Seminole Attorneys 10 Tips for Your Last Will and Testament

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15th Oct 2016

The Last Will and Testament is your final message, sort of your note in a bottle! It directs how you intend to have your remaining estate assets divided and distributed. Most divisions and distributions are made to family members and/or charities. Who you decide to leave your remaining assets to is your business and as an attorney my role is to assist you with drafting a Last Will and Testament to meet those wishes.

As Seminole Elder Law Attorneys, we have drafted thousands of Last Will and Testaments over the years. Each Last Will and Testament is drafted specifically for that individual client. We can customize your Last Will and Testament for your individual circumstance and situation.

Here are 10 helpful tips to help complete your Last Will and Testament:

1. Call and schedule your own appointment and meet the attorney alone.
2. Bring a list of the beneficiaries and their full legal names and addresses if possible.
3. Make a list of your assets and bring your most recent financial statements to your appointment. Who are the beneficiaries on your life insurance or IRA’s?
4. Avoid getting advice from people you intend to make a bequest to in your Will.
5. Talk openly with the attorney about your wishes.
6. Avoid over complicating things.
7. Don’t procrastinate! Plan ahead while you are feeling well and do not wait until the last minute to draft your Will.
8. Research a charity before you make a bequest to that charity.
9. Are there people in your life that you want to leave something to but they or their child have special needs?
10. Ask the attorney any questions you may have!

Once you have executed your Last Will and Testament, our Seminole Estate Planning attorneys recommend you review your plan about every 5 years or sooner if there has been a major change in your life that would affect the asset distribution of your estate. A major change may include;

• The death of a beneficiary,
• A beneficiary becomes disabled, or
• A beneficiary becomes enrolled in Medicaid.

If you are in need of a Last Will and Testament or you need to change an existing Last Will and Testament call our office today at 727-397-4768 to schedule a date and time to discuss your estate planning. Let our family serve yours.

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