Seminole Florida Parents Back To School Estate Planning

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2nd Aug 2017

As summer comes to an end, parents are gearing up for their children to head “back to school”. Parents are preparing and purchasing new school clothes, new shoes, gathering supplies, and filling out those dreaded required back to school forms. Forms which include your contact information, emergency contact information, what hospital would you want them to go to if there was an emergency, and who is the pediatrician or primary doctor? As you are filling out those forms start to think about your own emergency contact plan and estate planning. Your estate plan should answer many questions.

A few common estate planning questions every parent should answer:

  • Who should be contacted if you have a medical emergency?
  • Who will take care of you if you become incapacitated and do you have a power of attorney?
  • Who would you want to make your medical decisions?
  • Do they know who your doctors are and what hospital you would want to go to?
  • What would happen to your child if something happen to you?
  • Who would take care of your child and do those people know?
  • Do your family member’s know your wishes?
  • Do you have a last will and testament?
  • Is your child/children named as beneficiary?

Answering the few questions above are just as important as answering those back to school forms for the school system. As a parent we have so many responsibilities. The most often forgotten responsibility is to plan accordingly for unexpected events. Take this time to examine your legal affairs and to evaluate your estate plan! If you don’t have a plan, make one!

Your estate plan is important for you and for your family. It provides a little piece of mind knowing that you and your family are prepared and have all the legal tools necessary if something unexpected occurred.

The attorney’s at Rooth & Rooth can answer your estate planning questions and provide that piece of mind. Call our Seminole, Florida office today and schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns and to finalize your estate plan with one of our experience attorneys.

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