Seminole Raises Dementia Awareness

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30th Sep 2015

The Florida Caregivers Network made an immensely successful presentation to the City of Seminole’s City Council on August 25, 2015. Attorney Susan A. Rooth and Maria Winer presented the idea of a Purple City Campaign to the Council on behalf of the Florida Caregivers Network.

The City Council unanimously approved and signed a proclamation initiating the Purple City Campaign to make the City of Seminole a “Purple City, a dementia friendly city”. The City of Seminole will be the first city in all of Florida to receive the designation as a “Purple City”.

The Purple City Campaign promotes the education of the community, the businesses, first responders and health-care providers to recognize when a person or customer is suffering from dementia. By recognizing the signs of dementia, we are better able to care for and provide service to a person suffering from dementia with the goal to of allowing them to continue to have a dignified and respectful lifestyle.

With the support from the City of Seminole, Florida Caregivers Network is now working to build additional support from the community and businesses. This support also includes local law enforcement, emergency responders, local and statewide lawmakers.

Projections place the number of people suffering from dementia to double in the next 15 years to 19 million people. Providing the education and tools to the community will enable all people, the young and old, to enjoy the great lifestyle the City of Seminole has to offer.

Susan A. Rooth is a strong advocate and supporter of the Florida Caregivers Network. She hopes to continue to raise awareness not only locally but with the support of the local and federal government throughout the State of Florida and cities in the U.S. as suggested by White House Conference on Aging conference held in Washington DC on July 13, 2015.

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