What is a “Purple City”?

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7th Oct 2015

Hopefully this term will become familiar across the county within the next year. In August, 2015, the City of Seminole declared the start of a “Purple City Campaign”. Susan Rooth is one of the founding Directors of Florida Caregivers Network. She helped initiate this campaign in Seminole, Florida and the campaign is now in the process of training and educating the residents, businesses, and first responders in the City to be aware of persons with dementia and the needs of the patient as well as the caregivers.

With the collaboration of the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute and St. Petersburg College we are producing a training video to help educate and inform our community about the difficulties of dementia on the patient and their caregivers. Once approved by Pinellas County Sheriff Gualtieri and the Seminole Fire Chief Heather Buford, the Purple Video will be used to offer special training for the Pinellas County Sheriff Deputies who work within the city limits of the City of Seminole and the Seminole Fire Department.

A Purple City is the designation a city can receive once the city is properly educated through a quality program such as the one we are developing. With the collaboration of the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute and other strong supporters, we are confident the City of Seminole will achieve the Purple City designation in 2016!

Susan Rooth is proud and honored to play such a vital role in educating and raising dementia awareness in the community. As an Elder Law Attorney, Susan Rooth has personally witnessed the devastation of dementia on her clients and family. Susan Rooth has watched the number of clients diagnosed with dementia increase from year to year. The Purple City Campaign has given Susan an opportunity to help not only her clients but also her Seminole community.

Support the Purple City Campaign and help the City of Seminole become the first Florida city to gain the recognition.

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